You're trusting us with your data. We understand that responsibility and we take your privacy seriously. We will be always transparent about our security practices, giving you confidence that your data is secure at all times. We are working with health security and GDPR experts since before we started development process.


Your health information and data will only be accessible to you and your doctor. However, in order to be able to analyze the trends for you the best way possible, we will have to have access to anonymous data regarding several of your measurements such as BMI in time.


Healthics is hosted on AWS's HIPAA & GDPR-complient cloud. This is one of the most secure and reliable cloud infrastractures there exists. Using this insfrastructure, we store your information in multiple data centres at once so even in the event of a disaster, we have an automatic back-up.


We are currently working on the best solution for wearables in order to ensure the smoothest and most user-friendly connection.